I am full of bee facts.
Full of them.
But more importantly, I am full of excitement and happiness when I get to see bees. Lil fluffy bumblers just having the time of their life. Bumblers bring me joy.

This weekend I took a beekeeping class, it was amazing. To think about how it might be a part of my life when we have the space is such a treat. I learned so much about bees, I met an 8 year old beekeeper (his mother was devastated that he applied, and won, 2 free nucs) who was more knowledgeable about bees than some of the grown ass dudes with bees already. The teacher was only two years older than me, and had -so- much love and experience with bees to share, it was really inspiring.

Maybe before we get honey bees, I’ll buy a box of bumblers and just love them as much as I can.

Yesterday was a bad brain day. Maybe it has a bit to do with how I had to keep my shit together all weekend to learn about bees. Or maybe that I didn’t have any medication until 4pm. Or maybe it’s because I tried to set a boundary that another person didn’t appreciate. But it was a bad day.
It’s insane how those days hit you, like physically hit you.
But it’s also great to have people who can pull you out of that sludge.

In between the badness of yesterday, I tidied up the house a bit. Repotted some plants. I made myself a plant sanctuary. It’s my little place to reflect.

Anyways, this week is going to be about catching up on stuff. Doing some tasks that need to be done, doing some sewing for a friend (making some beeswax snack baggies!), and I’ll be taking a vermaculture / worm workshop tomorrow night. Exciting times.

Except I’ve got the CatLord’s man cold, so…that’s a bummer.
Hope you’re well.


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