The dangers of cross stitching

So for the past couple of weeks I’ve been trying to keep myself busy with a bunch of stuff.
I attended a free vermicomposting workshop in my city, which was really informative! They provided materials to build our own vermicompost, so – welcome Wormsteros to the catladyriot family. I’m excited to for these little guys to start getting bigger! I’m looking into purchasing some more red wigglers, as the city provided about a handful of worm, and I think we’ll likely need more based on the amount of organic material we need to compost.

My next adventure is going to be figuring out what the heck I did wrong with our outdoor compost box. I probably need to add more dirt with some bugs in it or something.

I have this thing, where I learn something new and I do that thing until I’ve done it too much. Not obsessed, but like…excited? It happened when I learned a new crochet stitch and ended up screwing up my arm. This time, I have hurt my neck…from cross stitching. I’m the world’s oldest lady. But! I’ve made 4 patterns, and have started a new one! It’s just a really fun way to pass the time. But also, my neck. *sigh*
I guess I need to learn about moderation.

Recently finished my bee geometric cross stitch from SquidBerry on Etsy.

In other news, Doppler has been a bit under the weather. I found him all drooly one day (which has happened once a year for the last 3 years). We took him to our vet friend and discovered that one of his canine teeths…tooths…tooth… is loose and may very well have a bit of an infection.

Doppler loves Dr. Kaylee, but not being at the vets office.

It looks like we will need to take him in to have his tooth removed. But in the meantime, everyone is getting a lot of soft catfood (even Daisy) and extra treats.

Welp. This week is suppose to be really pretty outside. I think CatLord and I are hoping to get some work done on the deck, and potentially the front porch.
I’m going to go…not cross stitch.

ps – i’ll probably cross stitch.

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