a wedding lewk

In 6 months and 10 days I will be marrying the CatLord.

Sweet everloving fuck.

There is so much to do.

In an attempt to keep me from cross stitching today, I dyed my hair and DIYed a makeup trial for the wedding. My hair is now a “midnight blue black” and will likely fade into a blue, and then be just..light blue. I use Ion from Sally’s, I’ve been using it for the last two years, but it’s been a bitch to try and find.
For the makeup trial, I just used shit I’ve been hoarding for the last little while (although, to be honest, zero wasters, I did just put a $100 order in at Sephora for some makeup and I feel kinda terrible about it, but also not. Oh the inner turmoil.)

mind the cleavage action

So, after posting my selfie to r/weddingplanning and getting some advice, I need to find a foundation that matches a little more closely to my skin tone. I know I’ll likely get a bit darker before the day of (thanks genes <3) but the CYO Lifeproof colors I have are a bit too neutral for me I think, my skin has a red tone that kinda makes me look a bit orange? But I mean, I love CYO. If you’re in the states, I highly recommend it (like $7 USD and is a holy grail). I may try going back to the Peach Perfect in Nude, or the IT Cosmetics CC creme in light. i may have purchased a tester of Tatcha’s primer thing (that is outrageously over priced), I’m still looking for the ELF dupe. Also apparently the milani lipstick I used is too neutral, so I’m in the market for a good berry colored lip. Would prefer to use one that is either home-made or sustainably packaged.

Idk. It’s really hard to figure out what exactly would need to change to make this look more “bridal”. Like…apparently the dark brown under the eye is too dark. And the eyeshadow could go up higher. And I’m not wearing enough bronzer/highlight/blush. *shrug*
I just need better oil controlling shit. I’m currently sitting in my bed being an oil slick and the makeup has only been on for 8 hours, and I haven’t done anything real demanding today so…

In extremely exciting wedding shit news, I’m going to my first dress fitting on Saturday with Cheech! Going to start getting my dress altered and I’m so pumped about it. I think I might go look for some thrift store shoes to wear to the fitting. I’m sure I’ll find something perfect.

Anyways, here’s a picture of Daisy being confused about this fucking goose outside this morning.

I don’t know.

p.s – someone come visit me and bring me some chocolate.