The sun is out. THE SUN IS OUT.

This past week has been an experience.
It was quite a busy week, with appointments and friendships and doin’ stuff.
On Friday it snowed again, and everything was icy and sad. I went for a trip to Ikea with some friends and found some more produce bags. (They’re fun market bags, a bit pricey, but will help me draft my own when I finally decide to crochet again). Catlord and I went over to our friend Tyler’s for a bit and played with/were attacked by his cat Winnie. We convinced him to play The Witness and now his life is being consumed by that.

Side note: If you have not played the Witness, play it. If you have a playstation and ps+, it is currently the game of the month, and you should try it out! It’s available on most gaming platforms. It’s an amazing game. I wish I could erase my brain and play it again.

Watching Tyler play the Witness while I learn and journal about gardening.

On Saturday I went over to the library and took out some new books. (worms at work by Crystal Stevens, All you need is less by Madeleine Somerville, Sepp Holzer’s Permaculture, and Grow your food for free (well, almost) by Dave Hamilton). So far I’ve read Worms at work and am really excited about getting our worm farm up and running this spring, and I’m about half way through Grow your food for free which I am absolutely in love with. It might be a book I try to purchase. I’m using my BuJo to take notes about what I’m learning so I can reference it when it comes time to start planting.

I retain information better if it looks like an image rather than a bunch of words. Therefore my BuJo is only useful for me, typically.

I also signed up for a beekeeping class! It’s a two day course accredited by the city. Which means I can start my own apiary someday if I decide to / have space. I’m extremely excited about it, I fucking love bees. Lil bumbler bees are basically just miniature cats with wings. So, stay tuned for a whole bunch of blogs about bees.


Sunday we had a birthday brunch (dude, can I celebrate every birthday with waffles? Cause fuck yes.) and scheduled a camping trip in June. (Yes yes, while also being aware that we’re going to do our best to be there for the Father’s Day Fishing Derby, mom.) June is starting to look like every weekend is busy now.
We cleaned our house a bit, and I discovered that the corn I planted last week is going bananas. I’ll have to replant them today.

And now it’s Monday.
I’ve been feeling okay, I suppose. I’ve been getting these whole body emotion feels, and they suck, a lot. Like if you’re standing on a high dive and your whole body is screaming “hey bud, don’t do the thing”, only instead of fear I’m sad, or angry. If I could feel that way about like…cleaning or organizing, or anything, that would be greatttt.

Anyways, I hope your week is good. It’s suppose to be in the positives all week, which means the snow should be melting away! I’m excited! I planned out how my garden will look this year, and can’t wait to start growing a bunch of goodies.

Do you garden? What kind of plants do you like? What’s your favorite type?
(I love my mom’s lavender plants, so many bees!) I think we’re growing a bunch of potatoes this year, and apparently lots of corn.

This post is long. Farewell.

i miss my period

So I think I found a free vermiculture composting class next week, but I’m also a little nervous that it might be about growing bugs to eat. (Which I have learned is actually called entomophagy, and I’m weirded out by it).
Also, if anyone has any links or sites they’d recommend about composting, please feel free to link them my way. My compost is really just a collection of food scraps and sticks that won’t break down that I get to spin around sometimes. But I only have to worry about that once the snow goes away. Which is never. Because I live in a frozen wasteland.

Another story: after Christmas, I noticed that THINX, the period underwear people, were having a pretty decent sale on a custom 3 pack of underoos. So I ordered it, and I’ve been so excited to try them out, but both January and February periods have been like…non-existant (not pregnant, family, chill your jets) and so I just like..bought these really neat period underpants that I apparently am never going to use.
And like, I’m only mildly complaining about not actually getting my period because instead of period cramps, I’ve had this stellar migraine. Like a period cramp in my brain. It is significantly less fun than period cramps. Gotta say.

Yes this is my 9×9 pan, and yes, I did eat that entire row by myself.

It’s Friday. I was in a bunch of pain all day, so I didn’t really get around to doing much. I managed to make dinner and do some baking. I made these vegan peanut butter banana brownies from recipes from a pantry by bintu, which have a weird consistency for me, but they’re meeting my brain-period-cramping needs. Their mouth feel (idk how else to describe it) is like…mochi almost. I’m definitely eating the rest of this and am not going to be mad about it though.

Anyways, it has been snowing all day and I’m super over it. Has me thinking about all the travelling we’re doing this year (which will likely be cold and snowy too, but that’s besides the point.) Are you doing any travel this year?