weekend recap for my mom

The last few days have been filled with humans, and while I recharge my spoons for today, I really enjoyed seeing people.
On Friday I met with a dear friend for coffee and we chatted about opportunities and mental health. There’s this handful of people that I have in my life, they always seem to pop in right when they’re needed most. It’s amazing when people you admire hold you up and love you right back.
I then spent a few hours just kind of existing in the city. I went to Lush and purchased a bunch of naked products: two facial oils, two primer oils, a massage brick that smells like cinnamon hearts, their solid armpit powder thingy, and some toothi-tabs samples (thus far, the verdict is LOL OF COURSE OIL MAKES YOUR SKIN ANGRY, and toothi-tabs taste like Satan, but I’ll keep trying.)
After that I went to Goodwill because I just wanted to do something. I ended up coming home with an organizey thing for my pans, some rope to fix our cat scratcher, a white plant pot, and a bunch of cross-stitch floss.

$7 for all this floss. The case was from my DnD DM ❤

On Saturday, I had a DnD session with the P-BAGs (Port Brackish Adventuring Guild), snina (my big owl boy) kept getting wrecked. I’m a great liability.
I then came home, organized all my embroidery thread, and started teaching myself how to cross-stitch while we marathoned a half a season of The Expanse.

Plexiglass over a TV makes for a super handy DnD map.

Sunday was a lot. My …Cheech (SIL) moved into her own place, so we were helping her. I think I’m coming down with something and am trying real hard not to. We got home around dinner time, and finished The Expanse (3 seasons all on Amazon Prime, my dudes). My guts were extremely sad, so I ended up staying up til 3am finishing up my cross-stitch and marathoning old seasons of Roseanne.

Not 100% accurate, but I love it. Link to pattern on image. By MariBoriEmbroidery.

I’m probably going to nap soon, espresso isn’t strong enough to keep me awake.

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