not perfect

CatLord and I went to the Farmer’s Market, on my quest for a low waste grocery shop adventure. I left the Farmer’s Market so incredibly disheartened. “Chris, there is *so* much plastic. Why are these carrots in bags?! Why would any one bother to bring their reusable produce bags to the market if everything comes pre-packaged?” We left with some leeks, some maple syrup, some broth bones for Daisy, and a real strong sense of responsibility.
Every day I get closer to opening a low waste wet/dry bulk store. It’s going to happen, I can’t keep bringing all this plastic into my house.

But I did. I brought more of it in, because there just wasn’t anyway around it during our grocery adventure.
So I started making EcoBricks. What’s an EcoBrick, Phaidra? Well, kindhearted reader, lemme tell you. EcoBricks in it’s most basic form, is a plastic bottle stuffed with more plastic. Neat right?

No it totally is. So on a surface level, maybe not so neat. Just garbage stuffed with garbage. But, think about plastic. Plastic will take centuries to fully breakdown. The Earth is completely plastered with it, it’s going to be around forever, and we have all this single use crap just floating around.
If we can remove the plastic from our environment, and purposefully compact it into these bricks, we have a building material that we can create cool things with, AND keep plastic waste from taking over the universe. AND it’s like…entirely reusable as more bricks if the project is demolished. (The website explains it better)
Folks across the globe have been making EcoBricks as a way to take responsibility of their plastic usage, and I think it’s really cool. Communities have come together to build houses, benches, art, walls, etc with these bricks.
But what if I don’t want to build anything with these stupid plastic bricks?
Hey that’s okay! Lots of areas have EcoBrick drop sites. Except my area. Come on Edmonton, what could we build?

ANYWAYS, I almost have completely stuffed one 710ml gingerale bottle with plastic. Plastic that I have been putting in a different can for the last 4 weeks so gauge my plastic usage. I’m not like..thrilled about the amount of plastic, but knowing that there’s this transition phase, I’m like…okay with it. The next bottle will take much longer to fill up! I’m not perfect, I’m just trying to do better each day. That’s all we can ask. 🙂

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