Catlord was on a quick two day business trip this week, he got back last night at 11:30. I spent a majority of my day yesterday making a rug out of t-shirt yarn, and some dog toys out of the hems of those t-shirts. Go go gadget low waste.

I also finished listening to The Year of Less by Cait Flanders, Catlord and I are interested in doing an experiment of no purchasing, but it’s not a good year for that, with our wedding going on. Maybe we could do a no purchasing except for wedding stuff month? I also started The Expanse series. And watched 6 episodes of Nightflyers. I love me some science fiction. It doesn’t sound too productive, and it wasn’t. I was in a weird funk all day yesterday, but I enjoyed getting lost for a little while.

We just got back from a non-v-day v-day dinner at our favorite ramen place in Edmonton. We’ve been going there for 5 years, we have a waiter, he knows us by name and order. Catlord and I are not -romantic- types. We talked about composting and beekeeping workshops, and about day to day stuff. We like it that way. We bought some shoes for Catlord for our wedding and came home. I was given the cutest bee sweatshirt. We do “365 Days of Valentines”, we have one card that is hidden from the other person, the hider writes a cute note in it with the date, and the other person gets clues as to where it is. Catlord has been stuck on his for 4 months now. The last time he didn’t find it, the cat just lifted the thing it was under. I like this tradition better, just knowing that there’s kindness and love tucked away in my house somewhere is helpful.

What are some of the different things or traditions you do with your sweetie? (partner, grandchild, roommate, puppy, codependent bff?)

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