an adventure

We got our plates for our wedding yesterday, which is cool. We got palm leaf plates, we were going to rent some, but it honestly was so expensive and such a hassle. With palm leaf plates, they are compostable (and burnable!) which will come in handy being back home in the land of the Horny Tree (it’s a thing, one day you might know what it is).

Anyways, so I’ve been trying to design our tables with the items we have. So far we have our plates and our napkins, and potentially the wine glass cups we’re making (if they work…unsure how I feel about hand-sanding 200+ wine cups). I’m thinking white table cloths and maybe a slate colored cheesecloth runner. Maybe eucalyptus around the tables? Once I have a picture I’ll share it with you. I might actually just do some wedding themed posts. That probably makes more sense.

Today was particularly uneventful. Daisy and I went on a drive to Homes Alive Pets in Edmonton for some new kibble (I like this pet store because it’s independent and kind of more like a bulk store for pets.) Daisy slobbered on some stuff like a toddler, so we came home with some extra treats for her.

I then went to Shoppers and dropped my ebates money on a bunch of period products for the “no woman without. period.” campaign and dropped them off at my favorite thrift store. While I was there I bought my very first cast iron skillet for $5. I’m in love with her. Her name is Tina, she’s currently seasoning as I type this. She needed a bit of TLC, but she’ll be my friend for life, so I’m okay with that.

My question for you today: what is your favorite Buy It For Life product that you own?

P.S – unrelated related story. As soon as I wrote this I thought about my mom. She has this beautiful turquoise sweater that she’s had since I was in elementary school (potentially earlier) and I love it a lot. She still has it, and everytime I go back home I want to steal it. The end.

One thought on “an adventure

  1. Hello My Darling Daughter!
    I am so grateful that you have created this blog – I feel it will help me connect with you and share the pieces of your life that I am missing – even your smelly pantry lol – and the turquoise sweater is yours – holes and all – I hope your Valentine’s day is super special and that we will have an opportunity to get together real soon – Love Mom – Thank you for being my daughter


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